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el 6 May 01, a las 14:50, George Snedeker dijo:

> Julio is making a formal argument based on logical premises.
> Louis' and Nester's argument is also based on premises. now, I do not
doubt that
> we could figure out who is right. the reasoning does get a little
tedious. it
> reminds me a little of the kind of arguments my academic Marxist friends are
> fond of.

I only wish George were right. The issue is very far away from an academic
one in Latin America. It is THE essential weapon by means of which
imperialism sterilizes our Left.

Sorry if it is boring for George. It is also boring for me. But it is
essential not to allow these positions pass unchallenged and unveiled.
Julio's statements provide, in a sense, a wonderful pretext to debate the
ideological conditions for the build up of a revolutionary Marxism in Latin

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