The Prestige of the Working Class

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Sun May 6 22:53:21 MDT 2001

Hi David,

> >
>Isn't that the problem, the notional vanguard of the working class is more
>interested in various 'recruit quick schemes' from whichever
>student/middle class movement is current, so much so in fact that some
>left organisations don't have any working class members at all. And now we
>have the spectacle of the left actually getting excited about recession
>and attacks on working class living standards.

Thank you for this post. I am not totally sure though what you mean
here.  The problem as I see it the political and cultural level the working
class.  I suppose I should say here in Australia, for that is what I know
most about but the phenomenon is generalised throughout the core
imperialist countries.

The far left groups are driven by and large to recruit from the radical
layers of society.  This I know reproduces the problem of the isolation of
the radicals from the working class.  But David we always blame ourselves
for this.

The working class is also to blame.  At the moment courage and decency have
migrated from that class and it is now a property of those layers that
constitute the recruiting ground for Anarchists.

It was not just the union bureaucracy that ran away in Quebec.  It was also
the workers who sheepishly shuffled after them. We always make excuses for
the workers and talk of the treachery of the union bureaucrats and labor
politicians, but that is simply a refusal to look honestly at the class.

I am sick to death of the Labor Party here and also of the trade union
movement.  Moreover when the workers wake up to themselves I will become
interested in them.



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