The Prestige of the Working Class

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Tue May 8 04:23:18 MDT 2001

First off- LES: Please send me a note offlist about homemade removal of the rest of
this virus? I got the most of it and no one else will be effected. My deepest
apologies to at least John E and Carrol who both sent me notes that indicated they
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> In any case the intent of my original post is to provoke some thought about
> the political level of the unionised working class.  They might be quite
> small in number but they are crucial are they not?  Or do we have to
> abandon an orientation to them and seek a new historical agent as Mao did
> with the Chinese peasantry?

There is something to this notion, even if Gary wasn't meaning to "go there". The
measure to me shouldn't be the unionised (that can vary up and down) but the
industrialised working class. They are disappearing- even though they will likely not

So what do we do about this? The "Agent" will remain the working class. But it might
be time to stop imagining that we can merely transpose a lot of the old notions onto
the new class-formations of the workers. Cubicles are not likely to give us Soviets.

Macdonald The Worm maker.

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