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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 10 06:43:08 MDT 2001

I just stumbled on this site via linkage from a posting re: Peter Camejo.
I'm thrilled to find it because on reading your "review" of Camejo's piece
contra Brenner (circa '99)I wanted to know why we don't read more from
you-- I assume it has something to do w/ being a "disreputable Marxist." I
joined the SWP in Boston in 1970, and was recruited actually by Peter (as
were so many). I was out of the SWP by the mid70s. The "new radicalization"
perspective was clearly on the rocks, and like many, I was demoralized.
Anyway the "bubble" has burst and my left-liberal online trading coworkers,
having squandered their meagre savings, are in an ugly mood. They know they
got suckered, but are still into the new stock market mentality (i.e. If I
whisper "recession" they accuse me of potentially causing one, "just like

Peter always could sell stuff, from revolutionary Trotskyism, to "Federal
troops to South Boston", and now to stock market investment ("progressive
investment"). As you pointed out, his class position inevitably predisposed
him to view the 90s boom as he did. Back when I saw him as American
Trotskyism's "Golden Boy" I hoped he'd eventually outgrow his privileged
roots in the Venezuelan bourgeoisie. Now his class roots are firmly sunk in
the U.S.

Back to your website.

Comradely, Bob M

Louis Proyect
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