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Thu May 10 16:46:30 MDT 2001

Carrol Cox writes:

: The relationship in fact is so close in the U.S. that papers can write
: major "exposes" of it and nothing happens.

the gym where i work out has this ridiculous series of 5 TV screens up
on the ceiling in front of the aerobic machines. so i've been OD'ing
on "exposes" for the last several years.

last nite i go to work out, thinking about the posts back and forth
with Julio on state power and Henry's incoherent remarks on terror. i
am just starting to work up a sweat at about the 100 calories point,
when sure enough, MSNBC does a special on "COPS: the hidden view", or
some such silly title.

it seems various police departments have mounted special video cameras
on some cop cars, and they shoot film while the officer is doing
his/her thing.

And there they are, absolutely beating on people, i mean full arm/body
swings with those damn wooden night sticks. just flailing away. Rodney
King times 10.

and of course, NBC had to present the "balanced" view. so interspersed
with the beatings were scenes of cops doing their miracles: two
uniformed guys, for example, pulling a driver out of a truck engulfed
in flames. or some cop rescuing a little 1 year old girl thrown all
about by a tornado.

and of course, there was the scene of a woman cop stopping a car, and
this big black guy gets out to talk to her and when she lets her guard
down for a moment, he jumps on her and beats her unconcious while his
girlfriend looks on quietly.

whats that? coverage of routine stops of Blacks on the NJ Turnpike?
Nope, not on my TV. Too current to be of use in this broadcast i
guess. most of the videos had timestamps which made them 4 - 8 years

and that seems to be the trick with these "exposes". wait long enough
that their airing could not coincide with any means for organizing
against that particular incident which is being exposed.

: It is almost impossible to imagine the major cities in the U.S. without
: assuming very close ties between the City and organized crime.

yes, the cops seemed very organized.

les schaffer

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