Engels and indigenous peoples

Greg Schofield gschofield at one.net.au
Thu May 10 18:25:46 MDT 2001

Charles, I will write a little more later on "compuational" although I have
over-used the term I used it merely to distinguish between a limited form
of useful brain activity as against a more highly developed modern form.
This response is just an immediate apology for my own misreading.

I have read incrementalism into your post, it was a presumption and I
believe I simply got the wrong end of the stick on some things you were
saying. Forgive me it was merely a misunderstanding, as other than a few
words which I interpreted in this way, nothing in the post or previous ones
indicates it. Again my apologies, but I doubt it will be the last time I
will be guilty of such an offense (I only wish that it might be).

More later.

Greg Schofield

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