"essence of capitalist reproduction"

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Thu May 10 19:27:48 MDT 2001

dccarrol at UCSD.Edu says:

>This debate with Julio is going absolutely nowhere.  Julio repeatedly
>that state power is not the essence of capitalist reproduction, as if that
>some kind of profound observation.  Every time somebody tries to move his
>discussion into a new direction, into concrete analysis and praxis, he goes
>into abstraction mode and starts talking about the "essence of capitalist

IMO, based on my brief experience in this list, what is most required is the
theoretical clarification of the issues.  Concrete denunciations of the
pathology of capitalist life are provided by the media, mainstream or not,
by the ton.  Theoretical clarification is not provided by the media, and it
cannot be done without abstract thinking.  I assume a great deal of people
in this list has read or studied Capital or is planning to do that.  I try
the use terms Marx used because, IMHO, they are still adequate and well
defined.  Semantic agreement allows for meaningful exchanges.  Defining the
'essence' of capitalist reproduction is not an iddle exercise.  Profound or
not, this is how we identify the enemy.  This is the first requisite of any
real struggle.  Still, I take your comments positively.

>He seems to ignore the signficance of the state as a flexible
>instrument for capitalism, and therefore ignores an extremely important
>for Marxist analysis.  To move on, I'd like Julio to address this question:

I do not ignore it.  However, I do not believe my critics have provided an
adequate description of the nature of state power under capitalism.  This is
not a contest to determine who can say the worst things against the
capitalist state.  That's useless!  What we need is to understand what the
real sources of that power are, what its essential functions are, etc.  IMO,
without this, the concrete historical understanding of the behavior of
capitalist states is inadequate, and errors in this are very costly in
practical struggles.

>What kind of praxis does your theoretical musing take on in specific
>spaces, like contemporary Mexico?  Offer some concrete analysis.  Like Marx
>said, the purpose of philosophy is to change the world.  What do you
>What is going on where you

This is a very broad question and I plan to address it as soon as I can.  I
can't promise all people in this list will like it.
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