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1. Jared Israel, USA, Vice-Chairman, International Committee to Defend
Slobodan Milosevic

For ten years President Slobodan Milosevic has stood for multiethnic unity
and resistance to national destruction in the Balkans. By jailing President
Milosevic and launching a witch-hunt against Socialist Party members, the
current Belgrade authorities and the local mass media which they control hope
to silence all those who, like him, stand for peace based on multiethnic
unity, national independence and social justice.

Under foreign influence, the current authorities want to convince the peoples
of Yugoslavia that their country's independence is a lost cause. At the same
time, they want various ethnic groups to join foreign-inspired secessionist
movements in Montenegro, south Serbia, Vojvodina, Sanjak and elsewhere.

Despite pontificating about "the rule of law," their attempt to arrest
President Milosevic was illegal from the start. They had no warrant. They
sent unidentified, armed men, many of whom had women's stockings over their
heads, imitating hit men from some Hollywood movie, to attack Mr. Milosevic's
residence and beat citizen-witnesses.

That residence is the property of the Federal Government. It was being
guarded by the Yugoslav Army. Mr. Milosevic's family was temporarily staying
there while his home, bombed by NATO, was repaired. The unidentified and
unauthorized attackers were driven off by the Yugoslav Army unit guarding the
residence. The current Serbian authorities then sent thousands of special
police and stocking-masked men to the area around the residence, threatening
a blood bath.

Can anyone doubt that the arrest of Mr. Milosevic was ordered from
Washington? The current Belgrade authorities claim it was an Act of Purest
Law. But during the arrest attempt, previous and current top officials in
Washington and their assistants in London and Berlin provided a running
commentary in the mass media, evaluating Belgrade's performance, and
Washington claimed victory when its March 31st deadline was met.

In order to avoid civil conflict, Mr. Milosevic voluntarily surrendered. This
followed negotiations and a pledge from the Belgrade authorities that his
detention would be temporary. They agreed they would not use his detention to
transfer him to NATO's "International Tribunal" in the Hague. However, the
current regime has already broken this agreement, meeting with Britain's
Robin Cooke in the Yugoslav capital.

Supposedly, Mr. Slobodan Milosevic is being held for "investigation". What is
there to investigate? For months the Yugoslav mass media, totally controlled
by the Belgrade authorities, have broadcast a soap opera entitled, "The Hunt
for Milosevic's Gold". True, no "gold" has been found, but no matter; Mr.
Milosevic was proclaimed "Guilty!" from the start and the failure to produce
any evidence is presented by the current authorities as proving the need for
more investigation.

But no investigation is needed to prove that these same authorities accepted
"suitcases of cash" from the NATO countries. The NATO media boast that their
governments paid millions to install the current regime.

Now, this regime of self-proclaimed democrats says Mr. Milosevic must be kept
in jail because he might "influence witnesses". What they really fear is the
influence of his example on Yugoslavia and the world. His moral and personal
integrity, his dignified refusal to recant, his continued call for a strong,
independent Yugoslavia, and his refusal to flee the country despite constant
threats - these constitute behavior deemed by Washington unacceptable for a
Yugoslav leader. That is one of the reasons Washington ordered the Belgrade
authorities to have him jailed.

However, it will never be forgotten that for ten years NATO has attacked
Yugoslavia as a multiethnic nation. NATO has violated all international laws.
Among other crimes, it continues to finance and train the racist-terrorist
Kosovo Liberation Army. Using the KLA, NATO has launched a new phase of its
rape of the Balkans, in south Serbia and Macedonia. In 1999 NATO dropped
20,000 tons of bombs on Yugoslav civilians and civil structures including
depleted uranium. In fact, it was NATO, especially the U.S., Germany and
England, that manipulated the breakup of Yugoslavia and the terrible armed
conflicts which have lasted a decade.

By attempting to put Slobodan Milosevic on trial, NATO leaders hope to hide
the truth. They hope to convict Milosevic and through him the Serbian people,
of NATO's war crimes. Then the NATO powers would have the excuse to crush
Serbia under massive war reparations, and, more important, under the unjust
stigma of committing NATO's crimes of aggression and of inciting ethnic
hatred - crimes which the Serbian people opposed with all their strength and
all their heart. Already the Western mass media is using the arrest to dredge
up old lies about President Milosevic and Serbia.

2. Glen Wreggitt, Winnipeg, Canada

I am signing this petition because I feel I must do something, make some
gesture, even one of little significance (although the significance of this
petition grows with each new signature).  I want to help fight against the
slander, destruction and manipulation that has been and is still being
directed against Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic by "the West". I
want my voice added to the many that defy the bloody Orwellian hand of
imperialism to say:  We are not fooled by your lies. We see your true nature.
We know that human rights and human lives are nothing more to you than a
lever with which to extend your exploitation, wealth and power!

3. Luchezar Georgiev, Varna, Bulgaria

Thank you for the opportunity to express my protest against the arrest of the
great Yugoslavian statesman Slobodan Milosevic. Best regards from Varna,

4. Carla Berg, Austria

I am signing the "Free Milosevic!" petition because of the violations of
international law by which the International Criminal Tribunal for the former
Yugoslavia (the ICTY or 'War Crimes Tribunal') was established.

The U.N. Charter provides the Security Council (SC) with authority to take
measures in the event of acts of aggression, threats to the peace or breaches
of the peace. A primary problem is that given the SC's structure, its members
enjoy de facto immunity. With that in mind, Article 41 provides the SC with
authority to negotiate, use arbitration, diplomatic methods, and similar such
measures to address the aforementioned acts.

However, the SC does not have a legal basis to establish judicial bodies.

According to international law, the practical method of establishing any
international judicial body must begin with a treaty. Once such a treaty has
been ratified, the judicial body can be created by the U.N. General Assembly
- not by the Security Council. The reasons for this are two cornerstones
principles of international law: state sovereignty and state equality.

The ICTY has determined, in the case of Prosecutor v. Blaskic, that it, as an
organ of the SC, is superior to states. This contradicts the language of its
statute, which requires states to "co-operate." By taking the position that
it, and incidentally its prosecutor, as an "organ" of the ICTY, is superior
to any state, the ICTY is behaving in a manner consistent with the "rule of
law" as defined by the Ottoman Sultan.

It is worth mentioning that Selim III declared a "new world order" in 1793,
in an effort to subdue rebellious Suzerain States. The Suzerain states had
their governments, but ultimately, authority was placed in the Sultan. Bad
behavior got punishment, compliance got rewards. Sound familiar?

Another significant point is the fact that, normally, parties to a legal
dispute have equal status before a neutral court. The structure of the ICTY
defies this principle, since it places the Prosecutor above the accused by
virtue of the Prosecutor's status as an organ of the court. Then there is the
question of an absence of separation of powers, since the ICTY and Prosecutor
have legislative abilities under the statute.

Another factor lies in the fact that unlike under the treaty establishing the
International Court of Justice (ICJ) or the International Criminal Court
(ICC) treaty, the ICTY has been left to establish its own rules of court. As
noted in Prosecutor v. Tadic, they make up the rules as they go along.

The ICTY, in its rules, also has denied the accused basic rights as provided
under the declaration of human rights and the Covenant on Civil and political
rights. Example: the presumption of innocence. The Milosevic indictment
demonstrates that in fact the Tribunal indicts first, therefore presuming
guilt, and investigates later. See Diana Johnstone's 'Humanitarian War:
Making the Crime fit the punishment' for further elaboration on this point.

In short I will not sit back and watch as the law is turned into something
ala Orwell's 'Animal Farm' in which the truth is 'propaganda' and racism is
acceptable. 'Two legs bad, four legs good' is not all that different from
saying 'Serbs bad, NATO good.'

If one examines, even casually, the ICTY committee's final report to the
Prosecutor concerning NATO's 78 day act of aggression, and if at the same
time we at least bother to look at the U.N. Charter, the customs of war, and
other applicable laws, we find something that if it were not so tragic, it
truly would be hilarious.

1. Grdilica Bridge-Train Bombing.

No need to investigate. After all the NATO pilot really was trying to bomb
the bridge. But after hitting the civilian passenger train, all that nasty
smoke got in the way, so they couldn't see what they were doing and bombed it

2. Djakovica.

No need to investigate. NATO has consistently maintained that it did not hit
the Djakovica civilian convoy with intent to attack civilians. NATO's
consistency involved three versions of this incident. 1. The Serbs did it. 2.
We did it, but we thought from at 15,000 feet in the air, those tractors were
military vehicles. 3. We did it, but Military was mixed in with those
civilians . No need to investigate because it is real hard to see what you
are attacking from 15,000 feet in the air.

3. RTS (Serbian TV station)

It is a military target because it served 'dual purpose,' says the ICTY.
Besides NATO believed it was exclusively used to incite hatred and

But when NATO leaders compared Milosevic with Hitler, that wasn't inciting
hatred, it was a compliment, right? Conditioning people around the world to
look upon Serbs as vicious animals is not inciting hatred, right?

By the ICTY's reasoning, any media outlet, during a war, will be justifiably
attacked, in direct contradiction to the Geneva Conventions of 1949, because
the media outlet is failing to convey the message that NATO is giving us some
educational bombing.

The 'dual purpose' argument flies in the face of the fact that the U.S.
Department of Defense's review of the bombing campaign solely and exclusively
identifies propaganda as the justification for selecting it as a target.
According to Amnesty International, NATO officials told them the same thing.
In short NATO lied to its own Kangaroo court!

The question is who is going to be the next target state, and which leader is
going to be introduced to justice, NATO style? Which national group is going
to be the next to be subjected to an ongoing incitement of hatred by way of
NATO, who after all is only bombing people back to the stone age for
humanitarian reasons.

4. Marek Glogoczowski, Zakopane, Poland

I, the undersigned demand that the Serbian authorities immediately release
Slobodan Milosevic and all other Serbian patriots from jail.

5. J. J. van Kempen, Netherlands

I sign the petition (demand), because Mr. Milosevic did just that what a head
of state is supposed to do.

6. Richard Piper, Canada

My name is Richard Piper. I'm an engineer (retired) and I wish to sign the
Petition to free Slobodon Milosevic. My wife Gemma Gauthier, teacher
(retired) also wants to sign. Slobo is no more guilty than Tujman,
Izetbegovic, Thaci, Clinton, Blair. Congratulations for this initiative.

7. George V. Fatsi, USA

The U.S. and NATO were planning the destruction of Yugoslavia for many years.
They are the real criminals. Slobo is a true patriot.

8. Jerome Schretter, France

I have read the petition calling for liberation of former Yugoslav President
Milosevic and all other Serbian (Yugoslav) patriots who defended their
country against NATO. I fully support this call and ask you to add my name to
the list of signatories. Thank you.

9. Tony Delapa, U.S.A.

I live in the USA but I'm originally from Italy. I thank you for adding my
name to petition. Keep up the great work.

10. Branka Perry, London, England

I would like to see a list of Milosevic's alleged misdeeds in black and
white. I do not want to see him sentenced on the basis of gossip and
propaganda. The charge of atrocities has been discredited, e.g. the
suppressed Racak forensic report stated that the dead were combatants and
civilians caught in crossfire. The indictment of Milosevic was issued during
the bombing which prevented independent verification of the charges.

The Hague ICTY [Hague 'War Crimes Tribunal'] is not a just court because it
was established by the UN under pressure from the US with an unjust remit
limited in time and scope to those the US wishes to vilify. It is totally
biased because it does not bring to justice those in NATO also involved in
the conflict and responsiblefor turning a blind eye to atrocities committed
by the Albanians on the Serbs and others and by NATO on everyone. In the rest
of the world someone is considered innocent until proved guilty. In the case
of Mr. Milosevic and Serbia it is exactly the opposite: the indictments were
used to demonise Milosvic and by easy extension the Serb people so that NATO
could justify its truly illegal bombing campaign and the consequent
occupation of a segment of a sovereign state.

I call upon all intelligent people of this world to question what is going on
and raise their voices in protest.

11. Ilia Baskakov, Toronto, Canada

I understand that NATO is a criminal organization and it`s leaders are war
criminals. Mr.Milosevic only tried to save integrity of his country. I do not
understand, how could Mr. Kostunica shake Javier Solana`s hand, as he did
this February? Who is Mr. Kostunica after that? Mr.Milosevic must be free,
NATO leaders must be, instead of him, in Serbian jail!

Mr.Milosevic supporers in Jugoslavia should know: that they are not alone.
And shame to Kostunica!

12. Theophilos Grammenos, Athens, Greece and London, England

Please, do me the honour of adding my name to the list of undersigned
individuals.My name is Theophilos Grammenos and i am also signing on behalf
of my father Costas and mother Anna.We are Greek citizens,living in both
Athens and London and nothing would be mopre gratifying to us than the
release and rehabilitation of President Milosevic ,the symbol of his noble
Serbian nation's struggle against the hideous moral monster which is American
and NATO criminal expansionism ,a simple regional manifestation of which is
the the institutionalisation of criminal and terrible Albanian extremism, a
monstrous birth which will, unless stopped, now engulf and destroy the whole
of the Balkans,including my country,Greece.

13. Kemalgazi, Turkey

Yugoslavia is an experimental area for Nato. Nato tries to change geographic,
demographic and political situation of the region according to it's
interests. I refuse the Nato intervention to my region!

14. Doug Kennedy, New Zealand

I wish you all the best in your endeavours to have Slobodan released. I would
have hoped for a bit more of a commitment from Russian polies to have that so
called court of justice [the Hague 'War Crimes Tribunal'] dismantled, because
sure as eggs they may be the next ones facing the supreme U.S justice. I hope
China gets up and bites them on the arse!

15. Evgenij Vladislavovich Chikunov

I fully support the cause of S. Miloshevich and so I realise that nobody in
power really cares about my or even your opinions in any case (and that is
one of the lessons we have gotten here during the course of "democratic"
reforms), I sign the petition. Mostly to show my support to your efforts and
my esteem to Mr.Miloshevich.

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