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Sat May 12 07:19:16 MDT 2001

I agree with this, because the discussion is going no where. Charles, Lou,
Nestor and Jared did their best to reach Julio, but Julio seems to be in
the mood of  "I know the best", and looks down upon people . We had such
occurrences here in the near past.. It reached to a point of compulsion,
while we achieved very little. If Julio wants to prolong the debate, my
best advise is he should subscribe to LBO talk. I am sure his views on free
trade will have a lot of accompany there.

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> From: George Snedeker <snedeker at>
> To: marxism at
> Subject: deadend
> Date: Friday, May 11, 2001 9:06 PM
>     last weekend I complained about the debates taking place on this list
> between Julio, Louis and Nester. Louis asked me to be patient. he said
> these threads would be resolved in a couple of days. I signed off the
> for a few days. now I see that nothing has changed. it does not seem to
> that there is much communication taking place here. what I see instead
> polemical arguments which go no where. I think that others on this list
> soon tire of these discussions and just delete all messages which address
> arguments made by Julio and his combatants.

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