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This is a Press Release/Statement from the Black Radical Congress

Black Radical Congress (New York Metro Chapter)

For Immediate Release

May 11, 2001

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Reparations Education & Mobilization Conference
June 29-30, 2001
City College of New York
New York, NY, USA

Sistas & Brothas:

Here's what going to happen in Harlem come June 29-30: A
Reparations Education & Mobilization Conference. All who are
ready and willing to work in a national and international
campaign to educate our Sisters and Brothers about the
necessity of Black Reparations are urged to come and help
initiate this historic education and mobilization campaign.

This has been pulled together by the New York Metro chapter
of the Black Radical Congress, the New York chapter of
NCOBRA, Africa Action, students from Brown University,
Brooklyn and Medgar Evers Colleges, and the City College's
Black Studies Dept. and IRADAC, along with a host of other
folks still coming into the organizing mix.

Below is the Call. Feel free to help get the word out! If
you are in the New York City area, please help volunteer for
different tasks at hand in preparation for this conference.

In Struggle,

Sam Anderson, Co-Chair,
New York Metro Chapter,
Black Radical Congress
ebontek at


National Reparations
Mobilization & Education Campaign Conference
June 29-30, 2001
City College of New York
New York, NY, USA

Called by
The Reparations Mobilization Campaign Coalition


People of African descent are determined -- now more than
ever -- not to begin a new Millennium with the UNRESOLVED
issue of compensation for past and present crimes against
our Humanity.

Sisters and Brothers!

Never before has there been such powerful motion around the
demand for reparations for past and present inhumane acts
against people of African Descent. Today, in every part of
the world, people are talking about and mobilizing around
the right of our Sisters and Brothers -- the right of you
and I -- to obtain Reparations.

This current Reparations upsurge is grounded on the historic
reality that our Ancestors suffered the greatest crimes
against humanity:

* Centuries of brutal captivity not even a pig had to endure.

* Centuries of a middle passage experience far beyond one's
  worst nightmare.

* Centuries of being deliberately worked to death without pay.

* Centuries of thousands of daily rapes of our African Sisters.

* Centuries of knowing your children will automatically be
  born enslaved and put to work at three years old.

* This immoral and evil system still prospers today from
  peoples of African descent being exploited, dehumanized,
  and demonized based on this legacy of slavery and the
  ongoing plundering of Africa.

All this and more resulted in the rulers of Europe and
their ruling European descendants in the Americas becoming
increasingly rich and powerful on a global scale.

This historic and international groundswell of support for
Black Reparations is causing fear and reaction within the
ranks of the ruling white supremacists and their political
allies. They clearly understand the power of the Reparations
Movement to transform the world's uneven social and economic
relations into a more equitable distribution of wealth
founded on the blood, sweat and tears of our African
Ancestors. They have tried all of their international
arm-twisting tactics short of use of arms to "persuade" the
African Ministries and other nations of Asia, the Caribbean
and Latin America to prevent the issue of Reparations from
being considered at the upcoming UN World Conference Against
Racism. Their desperate acts have only resulted in a stronger
unification of peoples of color to be resolute and stand
strong for Black Reparations.

We have also experienced these very same ruling oppositional
forces siccing their racist right-wing hounds upon the
Reparations Movement through college campus newspaper ads,
TV talkshows, and various kinds of so-called "debates."
Their hopes were to kill the Reparations Movement. But, just
as in the international arena, their attempts to crush our
Movement for just compensation have only resulted in
positively promoting our righteous cause.

These very same evil forces have also witnessed -- much to
their fear and frustration -- a growing awareness among tens
of thousands of our Latino and Latina Brothers and Sisters
of their African roots and its historic meaning within the
newly revitalized Global African Reparations Movement.

Sisters and Brothers!

We must never forget that Reparations is not about a demand
for putting cash in Black hands to -- in turn -- give it
back to the Sonys, Nikes, and Proctor & Gambles of the
world! It's not about making a few of us rich! It is
one of our most powerful political offensives!

This puts us at a most critical stage:

The need to educate and mobilize our Sisters and Brothers
about joining the battle for Reparations at this most
pivotal moment.

This is why we, who have signed on as co-sponsors, are
calling for a working conference on Reparations Mobilization
for June 29 and 30, 2001 in New York City. We are united and
committed to building the structures that can help us
educate and mobilize millions of our Sisters and Brothers
across the US and the African Diaspora about how we can --
all together -- join in contributing to the realization of
Black Reparations.

Our Ancestors will not rest until we -- Africans of the New
Millennium -- achieve Reparations. Our Descendants will not
forgive us if we do not fight the Good Fight for Reparations.

Join us at City College of NY on June 29-30, 2001 at this
historic conference that launches the Reparations Education
and Mobilization Campaign!


NOTE: When responding or sending us feedback about
this statement, please indicate whether we have your
permission to share your message publicly, as part
of a broader discussion and debate. Thank you.

Black Radical Congress
National Office
Columbia University Station
P.O. Box 250791
New York, NY 10025-1509
Phone: (212) 969-0348
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