Borscht Belt reds

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I have always been interested in Jewish working class organizing and
Marxism, Lou. This piece on Catskills is very interesting. It is sad to see
how the growing "capitalization" of  Catskills has curbed the radicalism of
 Jews living there. Is is possible to protect the Yiddish culture?

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> [I grew up in Sullivan County in upstate NY, an area that at one time was
> home to a thriving resort area that catered to NYC's mostly working-class
> Jews. Hence the term "Borscht Belt." The hotels began to go bankrupt one
> one after the 1950s, as Jews became more affluent and left the oppressive
> tenements for the suburbs. As might be expected, many of these Jews were
> the left, especially those who were employed as garment workers. The
> trades was traditionally leftist, divided between CP and social
> unions. By the 1950s, the leftwing culture had largely died out, not just
> because of growing affluence, but because of the witch-hunt as well.

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