Upcoming Visit of Dalai Lama

Mark Munsterhjelm gustav88 at ms13.hinet.net
Mon May 14 19:30:40 MDT 2001


Another source on the CIA operations in Tibet is the book "Air America" by
Christopher Robbins. It is done in a gung ho adventure story style but the
information is useful nonetheless.

Mark Munsterhjelm
Sanchung, Taiwan
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"Craven, Jim" wrote:

> On the pending visit to Portland of the so-called Dalai Lama, perhaps some
> different and contending views ought to be heard. I was surprised to learn
> that elements of the "Christian" Right-wing are opposing the busing of
> students to his talk on the grounds of "Separation of Church and State";
> actually, I love it as these are the same elements trying to push "Prayer in
> Schools" and "Ten Commandments in Schools and Public Buildings" and
> apparently they mean "Separation of [non-Christian or non-their-kind-of
> Christian] Church and State".
> But there are some other views on the Dalai Lama that ought to be heard. For
> example, what kind of "non-violent" and "holy" person works for the CIA--a
> distinctly and very violent and non-holy organization?
> So for the edification of those who are truth seekers--and with
> disgust/contempt for those pseudo/anti-intellectuals who filter-out the
> uncomfortable ideas and/or sources--well checkout the following:
> http://www.tibet.com/NewsRoom/cia.html
> http://journeyeast.tripod.com/cia_betrayal.html
> http://www.chushigangdrug.org/Military.html
> http://www.theage.com.au/daily/980916/news/news22.html
> http://www.sky.net/~rjw/takhli/tibet.htm
> http://www.tibet.ca/wtnarchive/1999/6/16_4.html
> http://www.freedomdomain.com/cia/mcgehee02.html
> http://www.workers.org/ww/ciatibet.html
> http://seattlep-i.nwsource.com/books/boox071.shtml
> http://www.timbomb.net/buddha/archive/msg00087.html
> http://www.friendsoftibet.org/circus.html
> http://www.schiebros.com/bbs/messages/46.html
> Let all ideas and sources contend. This is supposed to be an educational
> institution--albeit staffed, in some cases, with some pathetic excuses for
> educators IMHO.
> Jim Craven

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