What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #448, May 16, 2001

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             Green Left Weekly, Australia's socialist newspaper
                                 Issue #448
                               May 16, 2001
Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


Existing arrangements for nuclear arms control were placed in jeopardy
on May 2 by US President George W. Bush's decision to go ahead with the
long-mooted ``Son of Star Wars'' National Missile Defence scheme. Green
Left Weekly explains why.


 * Bush revives nuclear arms race
 * Pine Gap crucial to `Star Wars' plan


 * BRITAIN: Food & mouth -- the cure is worse than the disease


 * BRITAIN: Police repression can't stop global justice movement
 * UNITED STATES: Hawaiians condemn ADB
 * TURKEY: Government stonewalls as prisoners die
 * FRANCE: Left gains in local elections
 * PALESTINE: Eight months of resistance
 * PALESTINE: Who is `behind' the intifada?
 * SWAZILAND: Freedom of speech attacked
 * LATIN AMERICA: High `nuna' over bean patent
 * INDONESIA: PRD takes Suharto to court
 * PHILIPPINES: Wave of repression as masses protest
 * UNITED STATES: AMFA represents future for mechanics at United
 * CHINA: Protesting farmers killed
 * ISRAEL: Chinese workers fight for `missing' wages
 * SCOTLAND: Socialists march against capitalism


 * Business to dominate CHOGM
 * A gay old time at CHOGM
 * An open letter to all CPA members
 * CPA on M1
 * ACF helps greenwash corporate polluters
 * Socialist Alliance says: End locking up of refugees!
 * ALP: Whose light on which hill?


 * Sydney May Day rescued
 * M1 activists discuss future actions
 * Communities vow to keep schools open
 * Nike protesters resist police assault
 * Yallourn Energy workers: `the battle is far from over'
 * Solidarity with Yallourn workers
 * `scab busters' claim victory in Mobil dispute
 * National indigenous mobilisation planned
 * Bradmill workers `stand together' for jobs
 * Beattie accused of `kneejerk reaction' on dingo culling
 * Keeping the poor poor
 * Western residents launch refugee campaign
 * Post office inquiry a farce, say ill workers
 * Police attack Burma protest
 * Truckies blockade Brisbane depots
 * Howard greeted by forest protesters
 * Seraiki National Party to attend Easter conference
 * Incat workers choose the less bad option


 * Thirteen days in Camelot
 * Theresa Creed: the crest of a new wave
 * The Spanish Revolution's `army of the forgotten'
 * A prosecutor's lot ...


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