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Les Schaffer schaffer at
Tue May 15 07:12:23 MDT 2001

Mark said:

> "Science has a secret agenda which is to deliver power".
> Capitalism's ability to draw many of the intelligencia into the
> ranks of sciences is part of this.

I found your and Stewart's remarks on the sciences quite interesting.

all the more to wonder how Bush will handle integration of scientists
into his vision of a (US) military-filled space:

Bush Actions, and Inaction, Set Scientists Grumbling


WASHINGTON -- Dr. Marye Anne Fox was a science adviser to George
W. Bush when he was governor of Texas. So in March, when she was
called to Washington for an interview, the rumor mill had her all but
installed as the new White House science adviser.

But Dr. Fox, a chemist, was uninterested, federal officials
said. "There were too many restrictions," one recalled. "They were
saying, `Hey, be in the president's office, but don't do anything."

For specialists worried about the fate of science in the Bush
administration, the continuing lack of a presidential science adviser
symbolizes what they see as a troubling lack of interest in science
and research.

The administration's proposed spending on science for next year has
far more decreases than increases, key leadership positions are
unfilled and grumbling has reached new heights. Even Republican
leaders are criticizing some of the budget cuts as dangerous for the
nation's well-being.

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