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Thank you for your comments and links, I have an idea of J.Petras
position on NGO's, which I totally agreed with.

The question still is What to do (economically speaking) to develop a
force (popular power) capable to question the capitalist power
(economically) from below and effectively.

I understand the idea of global questioning of the world institutions
(World Bank, Monetary Fund) but how we can build economic independence
at local level with a vision of replacing the system (capitalism).

We conceive auto-defense groups (start) with the vision of guerrilla
movement or popular army (end). Similar thing with an alternative
cultural movement (new song, street theatre, murals painting). Others
fronts can be mentioned.

Today more than ever the struggle have an economic character. What is
the role of marginalized individuals whom may not belong to an union
or even have a job. They shall exercise a practice of power in all
aspect, including economically.

hope to ear from anybody.


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