Proyect v Woods

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Thu May 17 08:18:33 MDT 2001

>>> jones118 at 05/17/01 06:24AM >>>
Carrol Cox wrote:

> It's pointless to argue about it in the context of this list, but Ellen
> Woods is without doubt the most important marxist theorist writing in
> English today.

Dunno if it's more pointful to argue it anywhere else either, because the question
is not whether Wood is an 'important' Marxist but whether she's any kind of marxist
at all.


CB: From what I can tell , Woods does not have a Marxist theory , in the sense of the theory that Marx put forth , on the socalled primitive accumulation of capitalism,  and she's writing in and for Merry Olde English today.

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