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<< The left should not set itself up to be cheerleaders. The MDC in Zimbabwe
is deeply flawed by reformist elements. But we should have no illusions about
Mugabe:  >> I'm not sure who the cheerleaders are in Lou's comment, quoted
above, but I don't think the problem with the MDC is that it is flawed by
"reformist elements" .

I'm not sure what "cheerleaders"  refers to, but the U.S. is trying, working
through proxy forces, to impose its rule. These proxy forces use right or
left cover depending on circumstance, and they play on problems, real or
fabricated. The people resisting US rule may be deeply flawed. All those are
facts of life, nothing to cheer about.

BUT - The problem with the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe is NOT
that it includes reformists.

If by reformists Lou means 'honest people who want change but are not
necessarily in agreement with Lou's ideas about setting up a socialist state'
- then I would say: socialists of the anti-imperial type should connect with
just such people in every country.  Not to do so is completely
self-isolating. It is I believe what is referred to as "ultra-leftism"
Working with honest people who want reforms has been the strategy of every
revolutionary socialist who ever got anywhere.

The problem with the MDC is that it is linked to the USA . At around the time
of the MDC's formation it made clear its passion  to do whatever the US
wished in a remarkable statement promising to carry out all provisions of the
U.S. "Africa Bill." See


US support for the MDC has been written into a Senate bill, whose status I am
not sure of but which had strong Senate support as of March. This bill,
somewhat reminiscent of the Senate Appropriates bill of 1990, which outlawed
aid to Yugoslavia unless Repbulics opted for secession, calls for harsh
sanctions against Zimbabwe unless it adheres to US demands and, according to
Senator Feingold, one of its sponsors:

"The bill also offers assistance to the remarkable forces working within
Zimbabwe in support of the rule of law, in support of democracy, and in
support of basic human rights for all of Zimbabwe's citizens. It establishes
a fund to finance the legal expenses for individuals and institutions
challenging restrictions on free speech in Zimbabwe, where the latest
campaign has also included a media crackdown. The fund would also support
individuals and democratic institutions who have accrued costs or penalties
in the pursuit of elective office or democratic reform. I had the chance to
be in Zimbabwe in December, and I do not believe that I have ever encountered
a more dynamic, committed, and genuinely inspiring group of civil society
leaders than the group I met in Harare a few months ago. These forces must
not be abandoned in Zimbabwe's time of crisis."

The U.S. is trying to take over and turn the world's nations into
territories. This effort has produced horrendous pauperization and suffering.
To this end the U.S and its allies and puppets set up and in various ways pay
for "Democracy" movements all over the world. They then punish those who
fight these Fifth Column agents, applying sanctions, or bombing or invading,
or whatever.

For us to oppose these US/Euroe-fronts and their attacks on societies should
not require that the societies in question get our stamp of approval. For
example, some socialists who once strongly argued for the Yugoslav SPS'
resistance to the US seem to have cooled their ardor when they learned that
the SPS had a 'soft' line on socialism. The fact is, as I learned in my
little trip to Serbia and meeting with Milosevic and other SPS leaders, the
SPS is a coalition - a mass organization. It includes some very much on the
Left and some who are reform-minded nationalists.

It is counter productive to demand something that currently cannot exist
before we educate our people to resist the US takeover and destruction of
various countries. To require that - to require that those in target
countries who are resisting declare their objective is a socialist state or,
failing that, abandon them - is to be a sect.

It is the apparent from the article Lou posted that Zimbabwe has been
resisting the world bank. The article states:

"The reason that Zimbabwe is not another 'basket case' amy be that its
successful anti-market policies have reduced its vulnerability to the
economic storms that have wrecked more fragile economies."  In other words,
they have refused to succumb to the World Bank, and that hints at the
struggle that is taking place.


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