Proyect v. Wood

Mark Jones jones118 at
Thu May 17 16:41:06 MDT 2001

 Richard Fidler wrote:

> "Eight Eurocentric Historicans", Jim Blaut's attack on Brenner (and by
> implication Wood) was published in the fall of 2000. Blaut died about a year
> later. In the meantime, Yoshie Furuhashi was viciously attacked by Lou Proyect
> for criticizing Blaut during his dying days. Now Ellen Wood (and Brenner) are
> attacked by Lou --- and of course, Mine --- for criticizing Blaut after his
> death. Evidently, the great man is beyond reproach for some people on this list.
> Carrol Cox's comment that it is pointless to argue about it in the context of
> this list sounds like a sensible conclusion to me.

Richard, I think this is a misunderstanding. You have much to contribute here and I
hope you will. I am glad you are here.

Yoshie, incidentally, is a good friend on the left and I am sure she is also welcome
here. I am sure of that. As for Blaut being beyond reproach, that is far from the
case. Arguments between us were truly merciless. But they were never
prima-donna-ish. No-one is above reproach. We fought to the end. He was a comrade,
and still is. Brenner and Woods are also welcome here to argue, I am sure. However
they prefer to lurk, unfortunately. It is their loss.


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