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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 17 17:09:21 MDT 2001

>It is the apparent from the article Lou posted that Zimbabwe has been
>resisting the world bank. The article states:
>"The reason that Zimbabwe is not another 'basket case' amy be that its
>successful anti-market policies have reduced its vulnerability to the
>economic storms that have wrecked more fragile economies."  In other words,
>they have refused to succumb to the World Bank, and that hints at the
>struggle that is taking place.

Jared, you should take the trouble to study up on Zimbabwe. You are taking
one sentence out of context. Mugabe has spent 15 years bending over
backwards to keep the World Bank and the IMF placated. The only reason he
is kicking up dust with the MDC today is to hold on to power. It is
completely demagogic. The Marxist left has no business solidarizing itself
with Mugabe, nor Thabo Mbeki for that matter. We should be looking out for
the next Thomas Sankara, not these bums.

Louis Proyect
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