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> A drugged idiot could see through the circularity of your argument
> but in case you cannot, let me walk you through it again: (1) I do
> not believe the normal function of the US or Mexican states is to
> protect the drug traffickers; therefore: (2) if these states do
> protect drug traffickers at all, then it is not part of their normal
> function, since this would contradict item (1), namely one of
> [someone's] inviolate beliefs.

Now, this circularity so gently exposed in this case is not a minor

The colonial mind works EXACTLY THIS WAY. You can find hundreds of
thousands of convinced Leftists and even ultra-leftists in Latin
America who will be aware of the minutest detail of the most recent
book, and whose ideas, however, turn around a dozen or so of
inviolable beliefs. These beliefs, which are instilled in us from our
earliest childhood, constitute the mainframe of the colonized mind,
and in fact provide the support that imperialism needs in order to
dominate us.

This is why these issues are important. We Argentineans know all of
this _too_ well, because when modern Argentina was formed, that is
around 1900, there seemed to exist some perspective that the colonized
country would thrive, even that it was not a colony at all. So,
immense masses were educated in this circularity of thought, and when
the moment of trial finally came, were absolutely harmless to the
system. I am thinking not only of 1945, I am thinking also of 1975.

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