An letter to Against the Current - AN IMPORTANT SUGGESTION

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 17 18:32:08 MDT 2001

>Why, Lou, don't you put your considerable skills to doing intensive
>investigation of the web of connections between these democracy groups
>created by the U.S. all around the world, on the one hand, and the USAID,
>NED, NDI, IRI, etc. etc., (there are connected and similar parent groups in
>South Africa, German y, etc.) on the other.  It's all (still) on the
>Internet.  Why don't you  document it., and so on.  Lexis.
>That would be a labor of Darwinian significance. A map of how the US is
>creating fifth columns.

Actually my next big project is a LONG series of articles on anarchism. I
have E.H. Carr's biography of Bakunin sitting right here next to the
appropriately named "Out of the Dustbin: Bakunin's Basic Writings
1869-1871". Unbelievable stuff. When I start writing these articles, I am
going to join every fucking anarchist newsgroup and mailing list and raise
all kinds of hell.

Louis Proyect
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