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digging the list archives to bring dead horse topics? why don't you just
back off Richard? 

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> From: Richard Fidler <rfidler at cyberus.ca>
> To: Marxism list <marxism at lists.panix.com>
> Subject: Re: Yoshie and Lou
> Date: Friday, May 18, 2001 12:02 PM
> Lou Proyect wrote, in reply to me:
> >>I did not attack Yoshie for criticizing Blaut in his dying days. I
> criticized her for bombarding the list with cut-and-paste jobs from
> websites that had nothing to do with Marxism. I also criticized her for
> profligate crossposting.....<<
> From the List Archives:
> >>From: Louis Proyect
> · Subject: Re: Yoshie, Leona Freed and the Native Indian question
> · Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 19:34:57 -0800
> You want to know what my anger with Yoshie is about? Okay, I will tell
> Shortly after the Brenner debate started here, Jim Blaut said that he
could not
> participate as fully as he'd like because he was not feeling well. Within
> couple of days, I got mail from Nestor who told me that Jim had cancer of
> pancreas. Jim confirmed that within a day or so. Nobody knew this except
me and
> Nestor at that point. At a certain point Jim stopped participating
> Yoshie asked me what Jim's problem was. I told her that he had cancer of
> pancreas and was probably on his deathbed. So she became the third person
> knew. What was her response? None. Absolutely none. Not even a reply from
> about how terrible that was. She just plowed ahead with the debate.
That's when
> I started to get really pissed. I wondered what the hell the purpose of
> stupid debate was when the person who Yoshie was trying to refute was
sitting in
> some hospital bed getting daily doses of chemotherapy. I thought about
> her and telling her that she should work on developing her heart rather
than her
> mind, but I decided that if you haven't figured things out like this at
the age
> of 36, they can't be explained to you. <<
> ..........
> I rest my case.
> Richard Fidler
> rfidler at cyberus.ca

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