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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Fri May 18 19:33:55 MDT 2001

From: Borba100 at
> in groups like your little sect.

Which little sect would that be, Jared?

> Newspapers reported - without noting the class significance - that this
> latest 'democratic revolution' was made by that part of society that has
> cellular phones. When these (obviously better-off people) overthrew
> Estrada the Times called it democracy.  But later, when masses of POOR
> people took to the streets, in defense of Estrada, the Times worried about
> threats to democracy.  And your guys backed the cellular phone camp?

Yes, that is correct.  We did support the working class and its
organisations against the trapo Estrada.  The key here being "its
organisations".  We asked the Philippines left what was going on - we didn't
rely on the bourgeois media's bullshit about cellular phones.

Alan Bradley
abradley1 at

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