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En relación a Re: Forwarded from Nestor (response to Jared), el 18 May
01, a las 18:32, Mato Ska dijo:

> There are some on this list that seem convinced that the officer
> corps of Third World countries represents a potent force in the
> fight for national independence, and seem to suggest a "stagist"
> theory of revolution. First, national independence, then socialist.

Maybe I am among those "some" who suggest a "stagist" theory,
according to Mato Ska. Well, I must say that I am definitely not. I am
a strong partisan of the theory of permanent revolution. But precisely
BECAUSE OF THAT, I believe that the national movements are the matrix
of the struggle for socialism in the Third World. Since national
movements are the concrete local expression of tha national struggle
(that is, "class struggle across borders" in the wonderful definition
of the late Jim Blaut), and since national struggle implies a strong
component of national defence, I simply believe it is stupid to fail
to acknowledge that the army officers can be a powerful lever or an
essential component in this struggle.

More on Mato Ska's ideas later.

Good night, everybody!

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