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Loose translation of posting by Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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Subject: Chávez backed by Moscow and Lenin, reactivates Non
Aligned Group

Hugo Chavez, The President of Venezuela, has aimed his sights at greater
prominence in international politics, with particular regard to Moscow and
Peking, with a project for the reactivation of the alliance of Non-Aligned

This line will be made more tacit in the Third World Nation’s Summit to be
held in Jakarta (Indonesia) towards the end of May.

La Vanguardia - 04:00 hours – on 18/05/2001


Moscow – Hugo Chavez has obtained the support of Russia in what could be
considered to be the rebirth of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, which
has had a very relevant role in the second half of the twentieth century.
The operation, which has almost gone unnoticed, can count on the support of
China, which will be brought to the fore in the conference of the “15” to be
held in Jakarta – in this conference there will be heads of government of
countries such as: China, India, Cuba, Nigeria, Iran, Egypt and Venezuela,
amongst others.

The Venezuelan President will begin today a visit of Iran, and, until the
end of the month, Chavez will visit China, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and
Indonesia. Almost following the footsteps of Fidel Castro, with whom he
maintains a close relationship.

With the cooperation of Castro, Chavez obtained from Jian Zemin the support
of Peking for the project – an attempt to revive coordination in the third
world – during the visit, in April, of the Chinese Premiers, according to
web-informed Russian sources. In Moscow, the controversial and expansive
Venezuelan President has asked for “Political and Moral” support from
Russia, another adversary now in hands of President George W. Bush.

Now, the Russian thesis of a multi-polarized world, with distinct decision
points, that will maintain world equilibrium through consensus,  is seen as
an alternative to the hegemony of a single power and is hailed by China,
India and many countries of the Third World.

Received with the utmost cordiality in Russia, Chavez declared on Wednesday:
“We believe in a multi-polar world and reject the idea of a world uni-polar,
we believe in democracy, but not in the forms of democracy that are imposed
upon us”

“We need a strong Russia, the world needs it for equality” said Chavez in
conversations with President Putin. “Our future together will be based on a
block of southern nations”. In a joint declaration signed on monday they
cite the creation of “A balance system in international relations for the
21st century”. The support of disarmement and in support of the terms of the
ABM agreement, which still in negotiations. Russians also promised continued
support of OPEP, lead by the Presidency of Venezuela, in terms of crude oil

In a summit of FMI and the World Bank celebrated this year in Prague, these
organizations “sounded out” the possibility of the supply of (additional)
oil from the west, in case of problems, in terms of pricing, with OPEP, and
in exchange for investment in energy infrastructure etc.  A clear call to
Russia to act as the “blackleg” of the oil supplier world. Another aspect of
the visit of Chaves has been the interest of Venezuela in the purchase of

>>> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky

Translation: Martyn R Jones

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