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Martyn Richard Jones martyn_jones at iniciativas.com
Sat May 19 16:45:33 MDT 2001

The "Million Mom March" was no small deal and the confused semantics
and tautology of it's critics doesn't leave it without an echo in society.

The links between problems and instruments is clear, at least for me,
 why is it that some Marxists refuse to see it like that?

Is it that Marxism is just an academic exercize in thought perversion?

I don't think so. So maybe some more Marxism and less gung-ho anarchism
would be in order.


Martyn R Jones

Martyn R Jones, PhD

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Thank you, hunter, for another good point.

I feel the same way about pro-gun-control people and am quite frustrated
I hear of another group of suburban "million mom march" participants
in front of the capitol with the belief that guns are really the cause of
crime. What do you think could be done to alert people to and tackle the
causes of crime and the social circumstances that promote crime?

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