French in Algeria: Inhumanity exposed

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> It is important to point out the political mistakes and betrayals of
> the left in Europe and the USA but I think it is important to do it
> in a way that does not deprecate the sacrifices and risks of the
> militants in these organizations.

This was a reply to John E., but I guess that it is yours truly who
should take the defence. I have never denied the above. And I don't
forget examples such as those gdunkel gave (individual militants of
the parties I criticize, and even small groups of those parties being
slaughtered by the forces of police). In fact, this is precisely what
I am thinking about when I criticize not the parties, but, yes, THE
CLASSES themselves. _If_ there was a potential for such a heroic
standing on an individual level, then _it follows_ that the potential
existed for a collective heroism against both the bourgeois state and
the faltering leadership of the party.

It is the memory of those glorious martyrs that makes the political
acquiescence of the working classes, in part, and of the leadership
(in full) so much the worse.

In my own hard-nosed opinion, I believe that we can't pay them a
better hommage than pointing out that they were isolated by the
attitudes of both the leadership and the mass of the class, which
receded into a wishful integration within the system of imperialist
plunder in an, er, English way (remember letters between Marx and
Engels "the worker here thinks exactly like the bourgeois").

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