Democratic Socialist Party's position on the East Timor intervention

Greg Schofield gschofield at
Sun May 20 20:55:32 MDT 2001

Norm I have just read Terry Townsend's article that you referred to below:

At 12:17  21/05/01 +1000, you wrote:
>For what the Democratic Socialist Party's position on the East Timor
>intervention really was rather than the cardboard cut-out versions
>presented on this list go to

It is far more sophisticated and well thought out than I would have
expected (though it could be trimmed down a good deal and been more
effective). I say this as one who is not a sympathizer to the DSP and is
strongly biased in this regard, but it is well argued and timely (given its
date) and strikes upon the important issues as they emerged at the time.

This is by way of an apology as I had overlooked some of important details
in what I took to be your party's position - you were quite right in
drawing attention to them. It will probably not do me any great service on
this list to say so, but the article has real merit and I must stand by my
reading of it.

I could not let it pass without some criticism, although none of it touches
on the main points. Please, however, consider arguing within your party to
write more for the public and less for the left, cut out justifications and
analogous situations, cut out the left rhetoric, and bring the facts out
into full-relief. I say this because it the common disease of our movement
and needs to be changed as it blunts our effect.

Other than that, against my better judgment, I am impressed - thank you.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia
(Formerly member of the Parramatta Branch of the CPA until 1991 ; )

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