Banks, thievery and diminished expectations in four recent films from Argentina

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> Marcos intends to take the greenhorn under his wings and train him
> in the finer arts of swindling. With some reluctance, Juan decides
> to apprentice himself. Mostly, what bothers him is the utter
> amorality of the teacher who is not above conning members of his own
> family, including his beautiful sister who works at a downtown
> luxury hotel and who despises him.

The hotel is a swindle itself, though not so many people know that in
Buenos Aires.

It is the Buenos Aires Hilton. It was built recently in the Puerto
Madero urbanization, an enormous urban racket perpetrated at a
Gargantuan scale on the former area of the old harbour of Buenos Aires
(which harbour's construction, sigh, was a racket in itself made
during the 1890s by a British syndicate).

The original harbour, Puerto Madero, was built out of nowhere by a
giant land reclamation operation, which in the end -once the harbour
was unactivated by deposition of silt- left by the late 1970s four
empty docks surrounded by land which was not affected by periodic
floods, between the River Plate and the central business district of
Buenos Aires.

Strategically located for urban development, the area was given away
in the early 1990s to a consortium of foreign banks and local
"developers", who constituted the Corporación Puerto Madero and were
given the excellent land for nothing. FOR NOTHING! A plan of
urbanization began which recycled the very good constructions of the
old port into high-income appartments and office space for great

As time passed by, Puerto Madero became a very fashionable area where
some imperialist companies began to invest some money in buildings. To
my taste, most of them lack any architectural quality, but well, who
am I to judge? The fact is that the among those buildings is the
Hilton, located at one of the best places in Puerto Madero, very close
to the financial district, by the docks, near to two yatching clubs,
and on a rapidly developing area.

The interesting thing, however, is that _the Hilton itself_ is
swindling us: it has been disclosed that the patch of land where this
multimillion dollar worth hotel has been built is still considered a
vacant lot! Thus, taxes are paid for a vacant lot and not for a luxury
hotel. What's more, the hotel most probably is not paying its
municipal taxes, just like the banks who also do not put a cent for
the taxes that every normal citizen has to pay.

Swindlers everywhere.

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