An letter to Against the Current

Patrick Bond pbond at
Mon May 21 03:03:37 MDT 2001

> Date:          Sun, 20 May 2001 21:12:20 +0200
> From:          "Grinker & Assoc." <grinker at>
> Maybe not actively but that's the general approach.  Where, I wonder does
> Patrick stand?

Against sanctions, until there is a mass call from Zimbabwean
workers and other democrats.

> > Come off it, comrade Russell, this aversion to quality control is
> > what gives the left a bad name. Mugabe a "nationalist leader"
> > when his economic policies--in league with the WB/IMF for most of the
> > last two decades--have wrecked national sovereignty? And his brutal
> > political authoritarianism disqualifies unconditional support.
> One could say the same about Saddam, Gaddaffi and probably Milosevic.  So
> what?

So Mugabe is disqualified as a "nationalist," that's what. He is a
demagogue who took a neoliberal cul-de-sac and zigzagged back in
desperation with one political ploy after another. The working class
in Zimbabwe hate him. You should learn to, as well.

> In a situation of war or imminent war between imperialism and these
> people one takes sides against the west.

Which means taking sides against at least half the Zim population,

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