MDC and cooption

Grinker & Assoc. grinker at
Mon May 21 02:32:45 MDT 2001

From: Patrick Bond <pbond at>
> But yes, sometimes a dictator is so very bad that a principled left
> position is to accept imperialist backing to ditch him, or engages
> in formal alliances with the West (e.g. against Hitler, or against
> formal apartheid) to achieve a temporary aim.

Let me try and restate the argument so far:

*Western domination has brought Zimbabwe to its knees (unless you subscribe
to current received wisdom that it's the corrupt dictators who are to blame
for Africa's sorry state).
*Zimbabwe is in a shocking state and Robert Mugabe is utilising state power
to suppress the opposition MDC whose popularity is growing.
*You suggest that we/the Zimbabwe opposition would be justified in
soliciting the support of the west to bring down Mugabe.

Surely simple logic tells you that erstwhile pillagers and oppressors cannot
simply become liberators at the behest of the Zimbabawe opposition? Surely
also, encouraging reliance on the former colonial master is no way to
encourage the growth of an independent political movement which can resist
western domination (and kick out Mugabe)? This used to be ABC.


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