An letter to Against the Current - AN IMPORTANT SUGGESTION

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>  May be Nestor can help me figure out this
> question since some of the things in Turkey are similar to Argentina, at
> least in historical terms. If such a progressive ethnic situation would
> show up in Argentina, would you go with the unity of Argentina as a nation
> state or unite with the secessionary demands of ethnic groups (who are
> *not* necessarily backed up by imperialist powers, but who may be pit
> against other groups without their own conciousness ? ) 
> After all, is every nationalist group progressive? We should stick to the
> question of which nationalist groups deserve independence in the context of
> imperialism currently. We shuld also stick to the question of ethnic situation
> in semi-independent capitalist nation states (Argentina, Turkey, Egypt..)

Well, I should be sleeping now, but Dazzling Saddles has been going on
the TV and I _never_ miss it. But I am certainly too tired to give an
immediate answer. However, to put it in a single line, this is
probably the only point where Argentina is in a completely different
position to countries such as Turkey or Egypt. In a sense, this is the
Latin American exceptionality, probably shared in part by most
sub-Saharan African countries.

In this sense, our national problem is a different one. So that the
situation Mine is proposing is quite difficult to imagine. But I
promise to think it over, and to give an answer at least at the level
of general theory. Only that it will not be today.

Hugs to all,

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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