I got an Anti-Jared Virus, anybody got the cure?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon May 21 14:53:03 MDT 2001

> (At Les Schaeffer's request I sent him all my posts on that thread
> on the 15th, and then I wrote him last week to see if there was a
> problem, but he hasn't replied).

Jared, i replied to you, twice, and got no reply from you.

my first response was that i needed to check with mail-archive, and
also to give them time to see if the posts finally made it.

i will rectify the problem early this week. in the meantime, check
your inbox before you bother lou with stuff you should take up with

sorry to put this on list, but i guess Jareddoesnt read my stuff from

les schaffer

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