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Tue May 22 07:56:43 MDT 2001

Got in one again Nestor!

Perhaps not all that revolutionary, but at least enough for him to be 
kicked out before a fascist plot ousted him in a more physical way.  By the 
way, as we previous spoke of Australia's military inteligence (AMI ? who 
knows), you may be interested to know that they naturally had very close 
organisational bonds to the New Guard fascist group - to this extent only 
recently relayed to me by a friend.

At the outbreak of WWII Australia was rather short of weapons - 
miraculously 300 heavy machine guns were found incorporated into War 
Memorials (so the official story was). My friend pointed out to me that 300 
machine guns not maintained for 20 years would be just so much scrap metal 
(remembering my own days cleaning weapons I had to agree with him). The 300 
machine guns (more than the entire Australian army possessed) were in the 
hands of these par-militaries!

Elsewhere this sort of fact would not require an exclamation mark, but it 
is rather a rude shock to Australian sensibilities and no-one knowing this 
country could be in any doubt that such stock-piles were in effect 
officially sanctioned.

If you get a chance read DH Lawrence's "Kangaroo" a little novel he wrote 
when staying here and happened to be invited to one cell of these fascist 
units (the logic being that because he was British he would be pro-Empire 
and because he was cynical also pro-fascist - which says a lot about 
Australian sophistication). Not that it is highly politically charged but 
it is a wonderful little expose in its own right.

I know this is not really burning stuff, but I have been waiting for an 
opportunity to drop this little tidbit somewhere.

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia

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>el 22 May 01, a las 14:21, Greg Schofield dijo:
> > Lang (a state premier that was dismissed by the Kings
> > representative when he moved to forestall paying off British debts during
> > the depression - I had the privilege to meet Lang as a schoolboy - there
> > will be some who don't paint quite the same rosy picture of him - I might
> > also mentioned that when he died I stood in the silent crowds of ordinary
> > Australians who lined the streets in their thousands to bid goodbye).
>In my book, this is known as a national revolutionary leader. What you 
>tell of
>Lang is very similar to what happened with our President Yrigoyen in 1932.
>Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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