Gramsci Quote

erik toren cuauhtemocrey at
Tue May 22 12:10:51 MDT 2001

I found this beautiful quote from Gramsci in a Billy
Bragg album a couple of years ago:

"How many times have I wondered it it is really
possible to forge links with a mass of people when one
has never had strong feelings for anyone, not even
one's own parents: if it is possible to have a
collectivity when one has not been deeply loved
oneself by individual human creatures. Hasn't this had
some effect on my life as a militant - has it not
tended to make me sterile and reduce my quality as a
revolutionary by making everything a matter of pure
intellect, of pure mathematical calculation"

antonio gramsci, 1926

I have made a mini-poster of it and have it hanging
from my office wall.  But, my question is this, is
this a genuine Gramsci quote?

Por el socialismo,
Erik Toren

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