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Tue May 22 14:37:55 MDT 2001

We are reprinting Fortunate Son right now and getting it back into stores
by June 15.  This title has been legally suppressed and the mainstream
media have misrepresented the story. It's an important, truthful book and
we need your help to spread the word. Take a look at the Publisher's
Preface I wrote for the new Fortunate Son, the new 13 page political
cartoon by radical artist Seth Tobocman, and the new Foreword by NYU's Mark
Crispin Miller. All up at
We are offering friends of ours open access to the Seth Tobocman cartoon.
Feel free to post it on your own site, but be sure to link back to

We got sued, we got slandered, the mainstream media screwed us to the wall,
but we're back. We're here to tell the truth about the President.

Louis Proyect
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