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el 23 May 01, a las 22:09, Alan Bradley dijo:

> On Lang as "national revolutionary" leader:
> It is necessary to point out his dirty side, too.  First, he was firmly
> associated with the Right of the Labor Party for most of his career (well
> into the 50s).
> Worse though:  he was one of a cabal of Labor leaders with substantial
> "investments" in Fiji.
> That is, one of the leaders, or perhaps _the_ leader, who came closest to
> leading Australia into a socialist revolution was - an imperialist
> capitalist!

Thank you, Alan. Was all this _too_ different from that Social
Democrat Prime Minister in Sweden who allowed the Nazis to traverse
the Kiruna area and invade Norway? A traitor to socialism, maybe. But
the builder of modern Sweden, indeed. And not a traitor to the

But I take your point and in fact this posting is just a way to
support it by providing the general framework.

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