Florida 'felon purge' may have affected presidential election

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>>Details of the felon purge were first reported earlier
this year by The Nation, a liberal magazine based in New

Not exactly. They were reported, among other places, here, on this list,
well before "this year."

>From the British Observer, Nov. 26 (as quoted in one of my posts on the
elections in December):

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Blackout in Florida

Vice-President Al Gore would have strolled to victory in Florida if the
state hadn't kicked 12,000 citizens off the voters' registers five month ago
as former felons.

In fact, only a fraction were ex-cons. Most were simply guilty of being
African-American. While 8,000 of those disenfranchised went through the
legal rigmarole of getting on to the voting list, the rest - enough to have
won the state for Gore - did not.

A top-placed election official (not a Democrat) told me that the government
had conducted a quiet review and found - surprise! - that the listing
included far more African-Americans than would statistically have been
expected, even accounting for the grievous gap between the conviction rates
of blacks and whites in the US.

The source of this poisonous blacklist: Database Technologies, a division of
ChoicePoint, and hired by Governor Jeb Bush's frothingly partisan Secretary
of State, Katherine Harris. My thanks to investigator Solomon Hughes for
informing me that DBT is a division of ChoicePoint. Under fire for mis-use
of personal data in state computers, ChoicePoint founder Rick Rozar made a
strategic six-figure soft cash donation to the Republican Party.

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Los Angeles Times
Monday, May 21, 2001

Florida Net Too Wide in Purge of Voter Rolls
Thousands were wrongfully called felons.
Errors may have affected presidential election.

By LISA GETTER, Times Staff Writer

MIAMI--Harry Sawyer, election supervisor in Key West, was
stunned when Florida officials sent him a list of 150
convicted felons to cut from county voter rolls in

Among those named: an election employee, another worker's
husband--and Sawyer's own father. None was a felon. "It
was just a mess," Sawyer said.

More mess was to come. Indeed, a little-known program
aimed at curbing voter fraud in Florida was so badly
designed and run that it wrongly targeted thousands of
legitimate voters during the 2000 presidential election.


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