Dependency theory (Greg)

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Thu May 24 12:34:31 MDT 2001

Greg Schofield:

>of the particular arguments I would ask the list members to read Julio's
>post and look for this self-criticism (that is self-criticism from the
>movement's perspective). I would differ only in not aiming this so squarely
>just at "dependency theorists", for though this is the current debate the
>underlying problem is much wider.

I appreciate your comments.  I've been much more hesitant to extend my
remarks beyond the subject of 'dependentism' or even the Mexican experience
(indeed, this is a self-criticism), because I don't feel knowledgeable
enough of the rich historical trajectory of modern Marxism.  But if some of
my comments apply to other ideological latitudes, I'd be glad to say "de te
fabula narratur."
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