BULLSHIT Virus Warning

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Tue May 29 07:14:35 MDT 2001

[This has been posted to the Marxism List; I am also sending it to other
recipients of the Virus "Warning" hoax as a courtesy though I am not a
subscriber to those lists -- José]


This hoax has been going around the Internet for a couple of months now.
sulfnbk.exe is a normal part of a wndows installation. It is a DOS external
command that has to do with long file names (I forget what exactly now).

Like any exe file, it "could" be targeted for infection by a virus. But
there is no evidence this has happened.

Any time a claim like this is received, it is necessary to verify with a
reputable anti-virus software vendor or informational web site BEFORE
sending it on to anyone else.

Resending this out to everyone on your address book, or even worse, to a
dozen mail lists with possibly thousands of subscribers, is to make yourself
the tool of the spammers who came up with the scam to begin with.

If you have gone ahead and deleted the file, you will need to reinstall it.

More info on this hoax:


And in Spanish:



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Hello,       (english message below) (This mail is sent, 'cos we've
sent you a mail recently - Wir schicken diese mail, weil wir Euch
kürzlich eine mail geschickt haben)

  Wir haben auf unseren Platten den Virus SULFNBK.EXE gefunden. Er
  befindet sich im Verzeichnis /windows/command. Nach unseren
  Informationen soll er am 01.06. aktiviert werden. Unser
  Virensuchprogramm (Antivir) hat ihn nicht erkannt. Die Hersteller
  des Virensuchprogramms wurden von uns unterrichtet.

  Um das Virus zu eleminieren, sucht es bitte unter "Start" - Dateien
  suchen: SULFNBK.EXE, dann makiert es (aber auf keinen Fall starten),
  und löscht es. Leert danach in jedem Falle auch den Papierkorb!


  We have found the virus SULFNBK.EXE on our harddrives. He should be,
  if on your system, in folder /windows/command. Please use the search
  funktion to locate it, highlight it and delete it. Empty the
  trashbin thereafter. Our virus protection prog did not realise the
  virus as one. We have informed the programmers accordingly.


--  Don't give up the fight
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