reply to Gary MacLennan (re East Timor)

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Tue May 29 10:05:20 MDT 2001

> En relación a reply to Gary MacLennan (re East Timor),
> el 29 May 01, a las 13:09, Andy Gianniotis dijo:
> > The general secretary of the Timor Socialist Party, himself one
> > of those freedom fighters and a Marxist
> Sorry to tell you, Andy, that being a Marxist in the Third World means
> nothing if you side with an imperialist power. It is one of the many
> ways to pave the road to hell with words from the Gospel.
> Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
> gorojovsky at

Sorry to tell you Nestor, China was a close ally of US throughout 70s and
80s in the struggle against the 'Soviet Social Imperialism. India was a
close Soviet ally, so much so that Indian Maoists characterized India as a
semi-colony of Soviet Social Imperialism ! (Now, of course, semi colonial
and semi feudal India is US semi colony once again.) Pakistan has always
been a close ally of China and China has consistently backed Pakistani
claims on Kashmir and supported it economically and militarily. North Korea
is equally involved in supply of missile technology to Pakistan. One of the
many ways to pave the road to hell?


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