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Wed May 30 00:33:36 MDT 2001

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> It is really up to us as a movement--and this is the key word--to fill in
> the gaps. That is why it is so important for us to continue with the work
> that Jim Blaut was engaged in. It is filling in a gap in the Marxist
> literature. We need a Marxism that IS UNAMBIGUOUS about this question. It
> has political consequences. If we can not figure out the class character of
> societies that utilized unfree labor to build capitalism, then we have no
> business trying to fight for socialism.

If we are considering motivations as well as effects, doesn't it presume the
answer to one of our key questions to refer to "societies that utilized unfree
labor to build capitalism"? Wasn't the motive in part to shore up old regimes by
reestablishing in colonized lands the status of a propertied nobility that had
become weakened or less privileged at home, and hopefully to do so at a profit
to state treasuries drained by the cost of nearly constant warfare? Perhaps like
the "bourgeois revolutions" that were bourgeois in their effects rather than
their self-conception, colonialism may have to be understood as a process
started by a precapitalist ruling class but finished by and culminating in
capitalism's triumph.

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