sulfnbk.exe virus? My file icon is strange

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Wed May 30 05:46:36 MDT 2001

There is not, as far as I know, a virus that specifically infects this file
(sulfnbk.exe). The virus alert is a hoax. The file is not a likely target
because it is a DOS file that would rarely be run, I believe.

However, those in the slightest bit nervous can restore the original file
from the Windows CD (or the "cabs" subdirectory on your hard drive).

This works for Win 98/98SE ... I don't know if 95 or ME have this utility.
Windows NT/2000 doesn't need this, and Mac/Linux folks don't need this,

Click start and go to the "run" command. In the provided space in the run
command, type "sfc" (without quotes). That's the name of the System File
Checker utility. On  the first screen, select the second option, "Extract
one file from installation disk." Place the file name in the space provided,
and execute the program. SFC needs to know where to find the installation
cab files to do the file restore, so if it asks for a directory, point it to
the one full of those files on the CD or hard drive.


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I decided to check my sulfnbk.exe file in the C:Windows/Command
directory. On my computer the sulfnbk.exe icon looks likes 5 blurry
spraypainted letters- 3 on the top with 2 underneath. I did a scan using
the Trend housecall program but got nothing. Any ideas?

Mark Munsterhjelm
Sanchung, Taiwan
e-mail: gustav88 at

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