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Wed May 30 06:46:27 MDT 2001

>to state treasuries drained by the cost of nearly constant warfare?
Perhaps like
>the "bourgeois revolutions" that were bourgeois in their effects rather than
>their self-conception, colonialism may have to be understood as a process
>started by a precapitalist ruling class but finished by and culminating in
>capitalism's triumph.
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This hits the nail on the head. Rather than seeing 16th to 18th century
colonial 'feudalism', the 19th century capitalist 'industrial revolution'
and 20th century imperialism as disjoined social and economic processes, we
should see them as dialectically interlinked. When Kautskyites held up the
USA or Great Britain as a model for dynamic, capitalist development for
backward countries, they failed to see how it became so dynamic. They
became dynamic by making other countries backward. Thomas Jefferson
conceived of the USA as a rival empire to Great Britain and his successors
have carried out this task admirably.

Louis Proyect
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