Kirov murder (was: Re: Nostalgia for the Soviet era)

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Wed May 30 10:29:41 MDT 2001

Mark Jones wrote:

> >Kirov was murdered under mysterious circumstances, although few
> > now doubt that Stalin's secret police carried out the dirty deed.
> Actually no-one has produced any evidence of this from the Lubyanka
> archives, which were partially opened for a time and where many western
> scholars spent the 1990s looking for dirt on Stalin and Lenin, and finding
> lot less than they hoped for. If there is a consensus among more
> sober-minded bourgeois scholars on the subject, my impression is that it
> now accepted that Stalin was not involved in Kirov's murder.

The NKVD files on the Kirov murder have been accessible only to a few
researchers yet. One of them is Yurii Zhukov, who published it at:
Yurii Zhukov, "Der Mord an Kirov. Aus den Ermittlungsakten," Forum fur
osteuropaische Ideen- und Zeitgeschichte, 2/1999, pp. 119-151.
Online (only in German) at:
His findings back Mark's position that there is no evidence that Stalin
ordered the murder, but certainly Stalin used it for his own political aims.


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