Re: (Fwd) Sobre el carácter espontáneo del Cordobazo

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Thu May 31 11:44:56 MDT 2001

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> Today, May 29th, we the radicals in Argentina are commemorating a new
> anniversary of the popular rebellion in the city of Córdoba, the
> Cordobazo of May 1969. There will be some mobilizations in Córdoba
> itself,

Here is the AP report on how Argentine workers remembered the Cordobazo:
Full text at:

Wednesday May 30, 9:46 AM

Argentine Workers March, Strike

CORDOBA, Argentina (AP) - Hundreds of striking workers marched Tuesday in
Argentina's industrial heartland, commemorating the 32nd anniversary of a
deadly labor uprising and calling attention to the nation's economic slump.

More than 4,000 police looked on as the demonstrators made their way
downtown in a peaceful protest to remember the ``Cordobazo,'' a three-day
uprising in 1969 that left 14 dead in pitched battles between security
forces and labor activists.

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