YOU KNEW IT FIRST: Argentina: boycott to Spanish capital and national strike for June 8th

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky gorojovsky at
Thu May 31 15:18:05 MDT 2001

Dear comrades,

This is an eyewitness report. You will be among the first to know
these news outside Argentina.

Just back from the Plaza de Mayo, where a mobilization of some 40,000
people listened to the rebel CGT leader call for a general boycott of
Spanish capital (banks, telephone companies, oil company), which IMHO
won't be easy to enforce but which at the same time enjoys wide
acceptancy among the middle classes, and, most important, the
declaration of a general strike for June 8th.

Moyano's speech was very good, very combative and resolute in
fact. During part of the speech he equated Cavallo with the Minister
of Isabel Perón José López Rega, and warned that the Argentineas who
had once kicked out of the country a "Wizard" (López Rega, a dark type
with strong Fascist leanings and associations as well as the supporter
of the anti-working class policies of Celestino Rodrigo, was expelled
from Argentina after an immense mass strike on June 27th, 1975) will
kick out this new "Wizard" Cavallo.

This is important because for some weeks Moyano seems to have been
leaning towards the pro-Cavallo "Peronist" Governor of the Province of
Buenos Aires Ruckauf. These definitions set a strong line of
differentiation, again, between the rebel CGT and the pro-imperialist

An important detail: for the first time in decades, I saw people
showering with little pieces of paper the columns of workers who
marched along the avenues of downtown Buenos Aires towards the Plaza
de Mayo. These people were middle class employees of private
firms. These little pieces of paper, flying in the wet, cool, dark
afternoon, are bearing a strong warning to the government.

We shall see. As to the strike, it will obviously be immense and

I take bets.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at

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