from Rakesh

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu May 31 18:46:08 MDT 2001

>this is the kind of debate I would have supported as editor. I
>certainly would not have prioritized publishing you over Mukhia,
>Banaji or Mark Jones, but surely you know this--and isn't this why you
>went to the trouble of villifying me.

I villified you because you called Malcom X a fascist. Anybody calling
Malcolm X a fascist is a poor choice for MR. On second thought, they should
have hired you. You and John Mage deserve each other.

Rakesh, you are the only person I have run into on the Internet who is even
more paranoid and resentful than me. You had about as much chance of doing
a reasonable job running a small nonprofit like MR books as I would running
a daycare center. It is far better that you stick to academia where your
foilbles will not only not be noticed, but might actually enhance your
career based on what I've seen.

Louis Proyect
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