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>Non Maoist Marxist currents appear to be equally strong. It is not clear
>what relationship Maoist and non Maoist currents are likely to have in
>future. It is sometimes said that Nepali Maoist have been inspired by
>Shining Path in Peru. What kind movement it is (or was)?

    I think that the Nepali Maoists would describe themselves as inspired by
Peru's Shining Path. The relationship between the two organizations goes
back at least to 1984 (i think), when both parties attended an international
Maoist confference and signed the Declaration of the Revolutionary
Internationalist Movement (RIM). The RIM is an international grouping of
Maoist movements who broke with the Chinese CP's "revisionism" and durring
the 1980s reaffirmed a particularily rigid and sectarian form of
maoism.Durring the 1980s and early 90s, the RIM upheld Shiningpath as the
most "advanced" Maoist movement since Shiningpath was making incredible
gains in their guerrilla war in Peru. However, the shiningpath movement
seems to have quickly fallen into insignificance after a series of defeats
beginning in 1992 when their leader presidente gonzalo along with a good
part of the central committee was captured (then a bit lader their new
leader, feliciano was captured, etc etc).At this point it gets a bit foggy.
Depending on who you talk to, either Gonzalo capitulated from prison and
began calling for peace, or, the Peruvian state created the illusion of
Gonzalo surrendering. Either way, the rank and file, especially in prison,
became confused and the party seems to have split (some people deny the
split and call the capitulators merely "right opprotunists" etc.) into
various factions, some calling for peace, some not, etc.. All of this is
very old news in Maoist circles. Anyway, when Gonzalo was captured, I do
remember seeing a video of big parades in Nepal calling for his release.
And, the Nepali Maoists from very early on (before their people's war) were
adopting Shining Path slogans and their sectarian polemical style. Since
Shiningpath has been in the decline, more and more the CP Nepal (maoist) has
stolen the limelight in the Maoist literature. I guess the Nepali Maoists
are the most advanced now (unless you count the CP Philippines, do they
count as Maoist? depends on who you ask i guess).
    For a couple decades now, there there have been efforts to
internationalize the maoist and anti-revisionist movement. Most maoist or
anti-revisionist parties are either members of the RIM or they are part of
an international grouping arround the workers party of belgium. who of
course, don't like the rim and vice versa. One of the main driving forces
behind the RIM is the Bob Avakian's Revolutionary Communist Party USA
(RCPUSA), they don't have a very good reputation in the USA, but you can
judge for yourself. The weird and wacky writings of Chairman Bob can be
found off their newspaper site RIM info can be found at and There is
an RCP front group that has alot of info on Shiningpath at
Other funny Maoist stuff I've collected can be found at

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