Fidel tells Spanish imperialist magistrate to shove it

Martin Zehr m_zehr at
Tue May 1 07:43:08 MDT 2001

Thank you for your most erudite response. I stand humbled before your
graciousness. Would be that I could agree with you. I have no problem with
the critique, except it appears to presume that everything that happens,
short of revolution, under imperialism is really nothing but fluff, and
lacks substance. Garzon's prosecution of Pinochet is a routine exercise in
damage control, or so it seems we are being told. And yet this exercise has
proven capable of unleashing some powerful forces within Chile that have
been here-to-for controlled by the fascists and their managers. Even Sr.
Castro himself, looked on the process to prosecute Gen. Pinochet with a
degree of enthusiasm.

Please accept that I am not an enemy of the Cuban revolution, or the Cuban
leadership, or the Cuban people. I have a great deal of respect for the
progress shown by their struggle and the accomplishments made in their
society in the face of enormous obstacles that have been initiated by the
U.S. ruling circles. Further, I do believe that Sr. Garzon would be better
advised continuing his work directed at the Argentinian generals, as was
reported his intention in the past. But this is his decision, and it matters
little what I would ask of him.

As to the potential for prosecution of individuals such as Henry Kissinger
for war crimes in Vietnam, Chile, East Timor and other places, this has
already been proposed in a front page series of Harper's Magazine by
Christopher Hitchens. All I can say is that the improbable need not be the

The gratuitous reverence to my potential as a Sunday school teacher is the
one remark that I must take exception to. And if integrity is only for
imperialists I wonder where that leaves the future for the working class and
the campesinos of the world when it comes to dependable leadership. As far
as what I can do between sunrise and sunset that remains to be seen each and
every day and my hope is that I bring a modicum of integrity into the
struggle for social justice.

I thank you for your reply and hope that we may continue to dialogue in a
fraternal manner.

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